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Hetampur Rajbati P.T.T.I. is a Pilgrimage of elimentary Teacher's Training, culture and a residential Co-educational Institution. The institution is provisionally recognised by West Bengal Board of Primary Education under Sub section (2) of Section 20 of the West Bengal Primary Education Act, 1973, which is amended from time to time. The institution runs without any kind of financial assistance from the Government.
The instituion has reshaped itself into a full-fledged modern teacher's training institute with diverse concurn and interest.
From the very begining the institution tried to foster the student as a self-sufficient social life along with new values of creative as well as participatory Culture.
The most joyful expressions of the community are the festivals which at the different times of the Year celebrate the cycle of seasons and diverse manifestations of nature. Dances and songs represented on such occasions. The students come together in the festivals, it is an unobtrusive process of cultural enrichment. The students os this Institue are provided with a very serious, adequate, guided and supervised field practice teaching in the different Primary Schools under Birbhum District Primary School Council. The Institution has well-equipped multipurpose educational laboratory and library consisting of nearly 1500 books to facilitate quality improvement and mobilizatition in the activity-based and child-centered teaching-learning process. The Institution also conduct study-tour each year.

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